Symba is a natural born entertainer. Hailing from the Bay, he followed in his rapper mother’s footsteps and began performing at 6 years old. Heavily influenced by her taste in music, Symba gravitated towards the style of commercial rappers like Ja Rule and Nelly, creating songs that were lighthearted and appealing to women.

In 2014, Symba moved to Los Angeles where he opened a music studio and began working with producer D Brooks. Brooks helped to develop his signature style and taught him how to structure big records that people could identify with. Following rapid growth and development in LA, Symba was signed to Columbia Records in 2016, after a meeting with President Mark Pitts.

Symba’s entrepreneurial and artistic spirit have lead him way beyond singing and rapping, going to school for broadcast journalism as well as starring in his own cooking show. He has found his lane and he’s sticking to it. Symba’s player type appeal has earned him the comparison of the “west coast Fabolous,” as well as cosigns from T.I. and Boosie.