Jeremiah Rivers grew up with enormous shoes to fill by carrying on his family legacy and name. Growing up playing basketball as a top 25 recruit out of high school Jeremiah’s plans to enter the NBA were put on hold after a series devastating, injuries. He accomplished many athletic accolades throughout college career reaching a NCAA Final Four while attending Georgetown University, (later graduating from Indiana) however, his ankle injuries prevented Jeremiah’s hoop dreams.

Fortunately, while attending college, he learned how to play keyboard and minored in music composition. With natural talent and a humble spirit, Jeremiah quickly acclimated to his new career path as a producer. Jeremiah’s sound is influenced by the likes of Prince and Michael Jackson; the music his father would play for him as a kid on the way to his games. His resilient mentality and disciplined work ethic developed through basketball, translate through his musical sound. Blessed with incredible talents, Jeremiah is determined to create a new family business of his own.